Neos Realm Volume One (Neos Realm, #1-2) Carol Lynne

ISBN: 9780857154149

Published: June 15th 2011


296 pages


Neos Realm Volume One (Neos Realm, #1-2)  by  Carol Lynne

Neos Realm Volume One (Neos Realm, #1-2) by Carol Lynne
June 15th 2011 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, AUDIO, mp3, ZIP | 296 pages | ISBN: 9780857154149 | 10.23 Mb

Liquid CrimsonNeo Manos, son of Zeus, was to become King of the Realm, governing the Blessed Creatures that roamed the earth. Everything changed when Neo was kidnapped and tortured for over four hundred years at the hands of a vampire. After being turned into one of the monsters he’d come to despise, Neo refused to take his rightful place as king.

How could he fairly govern the Realm if he hated what he’d become?In an attempt to make amends to his son, Zeus created a perfect mate for Neo. Michael was everything Neo had ever wanted and everything he knew he didn’t deserve. With blood designed only for Neo, Michael quickly becomes the target of Neo’s enemies. Soon it will become a daily battle to keep his mate safe and deal with his increasing addiction to the blood flowing from Michael’s veins.Blood TrinityFor over four hundred years, werewolf mates, Kern and Haig fought and loved side by side.

Although they’ve had a few rocky moments along the way, their love for each other has never wavered. That is, until Kern is kidnapped and forced to mate with the outsider, Audric. Hurt and confused, Haig runs from Neo’s Realm and, most especially, Kern. How is Haig supposed to accept another man in his marriage, especially when that man isn’t a werewolf at all but a vampire?Centuries spent as the whipping boy to the other vampires in his coven have left Audric hungry for affection.

His goal isn’t to come between the mated pair of werewolves, but to become part of their family. Unfortunately, his yearning for love and companionship soon threatens to damage that which he desired. Kern hates that his unwilling actions have hurt the only person he’s ever loved, but with Haig gone, he’s left alone to introduce Audric to a new life on the vineyard. Kern didn’t expect to like the puny vampire, but Audric begins to ease his way under Kern’s skin. When Haig returns after a two month absence, Kern is afraid his newfound love for Audric might tear apart his marriage with Haig.Three men, two species, one bed.

Is it possible to put aside jealousies and establish a new kind of family or will this forced union destroy everything?

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